Indíana Auðunsdóttir
opnun 29. apríl 2006

The title “Holir Bolir” hints at what the works seem to be investigating; empty depths within seductive structures. Parallels are drawn between properties of the surfaces of objects, and the efforts people make in self-presentation; how appearance carries inscriptions that refer to internal qualities, or their absence. The tactic of twisted quotation from different conventions; of styles of depiction and behaviour, allows for a reframing of familiar notions, subtle and humorous caricatures rather ambivalently exposing folly. However, behind the obvious hilarity, the artist seems to be posing darker questions; for example, with people constantly appending their selves with the bizarre plumage of material wealth, can they be much more than surfaces for the building up of complex signs of value, and further, is there such a thing as authentic worth behind its representation; the model so carefully constructed by diligent navigation of lifestyle choices.